What has been going on?

The past month has been a rather busy one for us here at RTS. We have been busy working on a lot of upcoming events in September, which is typically a manic month for us in terms of events, this year is no exception. Upcoming events include; HSBC Lets Ride Leeds, Clapham 10k, Cheltenham half… Read more »

Smart Cards – They’re like regular cards, but they’re smart

This is probably a familiar sight to any Traffic Management Operative. It’s your LANTRA AWARDS skills ID Card. Like a Chef’s resourceful spatula or a Knight’s MIGHTY sword, this piece of equipment has been one of the most useful tools at a TMO’s disposal for the longest time. Being the only way for customers and… Read more »

Introducing Charlie the TMO

If you were to ask anyone who’s part of the Traffic Management industry; or even anyone who’s ever heard of it, what the most essential component to a good TM business is, they’d have one answer. We all know what it is. A BLOG! That’s why I was incredibly excited when I was asked to… Read more »

MacMillan Coffee Morning!

Forget Mary Berry, RTS staff have showcased their very own baking skills today and contributed towards the MacMillan coffee morning. All done to raise money for MacMillan cancer support. As well as this, we have also adopted a ‘dress down’ day on the last Friday where staff donate £1.00 to charity and this enables them to… Read more »

July; a truly manic month

In July we saw an extremely high workload that saw our company service some of the most prestigious closed road events in Europe. As well as our usual day to day works we had to mobilise and ready ourselves for 5 major events on consecutive weekends. The demands for all 5 events were; over 200… Read more »


We service various high profile events on an annual basis such as The Prudential Ride London, The Tour of Britain and London Triathlon.

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