2016 – what a year.

What a year it was. Not just in a business sense, but in a global sense. The political landscapes of Europe and the US have changed irrevocably.

In June, Britain voted to leave the EU, subsequently causing David Cameron to resign and the Conservatives to choose the second ever female Prime Minister in Theresa May. But the EU referendum also revealed how deeply divided the UK is and the battle for Britain’s independence dubbed ‘Brexit’ continues to be fought in the High Court.

With all this uncertainty and change, it is a good job that team RTS isn’t so easily dazed and continues to provide a market leading service. We are a company that promotes an ethos of working methodically and safely on all of our assignments and projects. We offer a 24/7 service, all year, every year. One number, one service. So despite our uncertain economic times, it will not be a winter of discontent in terms of traffic management.

Road Traffic Solutions are pleased to announce we are accredited to Investors in people: GOLD. We are happy to have our dedication to our employees recognised and awarded. 2016 saw RTS gain work from new clients, large, small and everywhere in-between. Our Scottish depot saw an incline in operational requirements and we continue to press on and gain further work in the area. We were approached to undertake a project for a client in Birmingham that the council had refused to give the go ahead for the previous 5 years. Understandably, our client was very disgruntled and wanted someone to take charge and get the job done. This is where RTS stepped in and got the job done, resulting in an extremely happy client. As ever, RTS also undertook the traffic management requirement of our impressive events calendar. Prudential Ride London, London Triathlon, Wales Velothon and the Brighton Marathon are to just name a few – we have even more for 2017!

We increased our turnover to a record high, we provided vast training to our staff and we have the best retention of staff since 2008. 2016 also saw a revamp of our management team and internal workings – ensuring we keep our invaluable client base happy. We also incorporated our REPS system, a purpose built bespoke system to help streamline our processes and as ever, keeping us ahead of our competition. RTS invested 2 years and significant costs to develop and test this new software which officially launched on February 1st 2016.

We have big plans. We have big goals. To say we are excited for 2017 could be the understatement of the year. Let’s see what it brings….


We service various high profile events on an annual basis such as The Prudential Ride London, The Tour of Britain and London Triathlon.

RTS / @RoadTraffSol