Introducing Charlie the TMO

If you were to ask anyone who’s part of the Traffic Management industry; or even anyone who’s ever heard of it, what the most essential component to a good TM business is, they’d have one answer. We all know what it is. A BLOG! That’s why I was incredibly excited when I was asked to step in and fill this role within RTS. So, I’d like to introduce myself. My Name is Charlie. I’m an average Traffic Management Operative. I’m extremely passionate about what I do, and I’m going to be your new Mascot!

Maybe Mascot isn’t the right word. You can call me whatever you want. The point is, I’m going to be writing weekly Blog Posts on the Road Traffic Solutions website from now on. Now I know what you’re thinking: “This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.” You’re right. It probably is. So, you’re going to be even more shocked when you learn I’m also taking over the role of running our companies various Social Media Accounts.

My Blog Posts (or Articles, if you will) will be about a wide range of topics. Anything Traffic Management related really. The same goes for the Social Media. I want to keep it fun. I want to keep it light hearted. Most of all though, I want it to be informative. So if you’ve got a brilliant idea for something I can write about, some interesting pictures you think I can use on social media, or just an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to send them on through to

Now if you’re wondering why it is I’m using Oscar’s email address instead of creating my own. Well. Honestly, I thought those delightful devils in the I.T. Support department have enough work without me forcing a whole new email address on them. So, myself and Oscar decided to share.

I look forward to the exciting journey ahead of me. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Introducing Charlie


We service various high profile events on an annual basis such as The Prudential Ride London, The Tour of Britain and London Triathlon.

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