Smart Cards – They’re like regular cards, but they’re smart


This is probably a familiar sight to any Traffic Management Operative. It’s your LANTRA AWARDS skills ID Card. Like a Chef’s resourceful spatula or a Knight’s MIGHTY sword, this piece of equipment has been one of the most useful tools at a TMO’s disposal for the longest time. Being the only way for customers and office staff alike to properly identify a TMO’s qualifications they’re truly iconic, but did you know they’re changing.

Now hold on, don’t get too worked up too fast. You don’t have to start building a candle lit vigil to your card just yet. As we say goodbye to one old friend we greet another, with the introduction of the ALL NEW Lantra Smart Cards.

Going forward, as you improve your skills and UPDATE your knowledgebase with new Qualifications, your card will UPDATE right along with you. No longer will you have to deal with the intense frustration of swapping a card every time you gain a new qualification. It’s all smooth sailing ahead.

Now for those of you who are “In the know” you may be saying that this rolled out initially in December. You’d be correct. I tell you about it now however because we here at RTS, being the clever boys and girls, we’re so known to be, have got an all new system in place for reading these cards. A number of our office machines are now set up with the facilities to scan and take note of your smart card and all the wonderful qualifications held within. GO TEAM!

It truly is an incredibly exciting time to be working in Traffic Management!




We service various high profile events on an annual basis such as The Prudential Ride London, The Tour of Britain and London Triathlon.

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