What has been going on?

The past month has been a rather busy one for us here at RTS. We have been busy working on a lot of upcoming events in September, which is typically a manic month for us in terms of events, this year is no exception. Upcoming events include; HSBC Lets Ride Leeds, Clapham 10k, Cheltenham half marathon, Tri for life, Hackney carnival, Tour of Britain and many more. Not to mention we had the Ride London event last month on the 29th of July which kept us busy. Since the last blog post we haven’t informed you of the employee of the month. For the June office employee of the month Callum Jones was awarded that title for his contribution in a large project the company has taken on, he dedicated some of his own personal time to make sure the job was done correctly and to the highest standards. The operative of the month of June was Jamey Elliott, Jamey is fairly new to RTS and he impressed immediately with his willingness to work extra and offer help even when he has finished his own jobs. For July, the office employee of the month was Reece Brown. Reece worked very hard throughout June to make sure the Ride London event ran smoothly, he attended every meeting and gave his full attention. The operative of the month for the month of June was Chris Grice. Chris’ attitude to work has been outstanding and he is always willing to go out of his way to help others. We are currently all working hard to make sure the upcoming events run smoothly and as efficiently as possible and hopefully the hard work pays off and we have a successful run of events in September.



We service various high profile events on an annual basis such as The Prudential Ride London, The Tour of Britain and London Triathlon.

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