Barriers, Blocks & Fencing

Barriers, blocks and fencing are key within the Traffic Management industry when keeping both the work force and pedestrians safe from potential hazards. Road Traffic Solutions provide the following variants;

fencingPlastic Pedestrian Barriers 

Used to define a work area and guide pedestrians around the works safely. They are lightweight but stable and have a reflective strip for high visibility. In addition to these we have plastic ramps for wheelchair access.

metalfencingHeras Fencing

6 foot high metal fencing more often than not incorporated into jobs with heavy machinery. They come complete with clips that ensure panels cannot be moved or tampered with without specific tools. We also provide sound reducing fencing products which absorb sound within noisy environments.

roadfenceStrongwall Barriers 

Strongwall Barrier is a very stable barrier designed to withstand a stumbling pedestrian in order to protect them from vehicles and deep excavations.

metalfencingsmallerCrowd Control Barrier

Fixed foot pedestrian barriers that are 2.3m wide by 1.2m high. These barriers are ideal for segregating crowds frmo your event area.

Water Filled BlocksHeavy Duty Water Filled Blocks 

With an excellent impact resistance, water filled blocks are occasionally preferred on long term projects due to their stability.

barriorhsHigh Speed Traffic Barriers

Road Traffic Solutions have worked on numerous traffic management projects utilising Steel Vehicle Barriers/Concrete Blocks. Can provide temporary and fully anchored permanent applications. N2 W2, N2 W5 & H2 W8 containment.

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