Led by our SHEQ manager, John Brady, our compliance team ensure that we work tirelessly to the highest of Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality standards.

For us, safety is a priority. All our operational staff are issued with 6-point PPE compliant with the British standards. All our team members are trained from induction on safe practices and given substantial and thorough toolbox talks on how to maintain a safe working environment.

To ensure safety throughout our business, its important that our team are of good health both mentally and physically. Our commitment to both health and safety has been recognised by the awarding of OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 continuously since 2014 and regularly with scores of 99% and more.

Since 2011 we have been awarded and maintained our ISO14001 accreditation which emphasises our commitment to working to environmental and sustainable standards. It is important that we look after our environment and choose the best methods of working to reduce any impact we may have.


Our safety procedures are bespoke as standard. It’s important for us that our Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) are reflective of the site and task at hand and not just a generic set of documents.
Our RAMS include client, project and permit numbers and references; nearest hospital and details of stakeholder liaison; as well as robust site and type specific method statements and risk assessments. Our operatives must complete this on their handheld devices prior to installation, removal or maintenance taking evidential photographs as they go. All of our operatives are familiar with the completion of our RAMS, and it’s important to us that they stay safe whilst undertaking their daily duties. The extra time put in to developing and continuously improving our RAMS is evident in our outstanding safety record.

Safety is regularly enforced and discussion is encouraged. We hold regular safety forums consisting of people of all level of the business from operatives to directors. We complete safety audits on a scheduled and unscheduled basis and communicate clearly any near misses, accidents, incidents and areas of concern following thorough investigations and recommended improvements.

It is our aim to improve safety and awareness day by day throughout our team through education and proactive not reactive improvements.


We encourage a healthy work life balance and talk openly with our team about their thoughts, feelings and suggestions. We encourage them to be part of the team and part of moving our business forward in the right direction. We assist wherever possible and wherever there may be hurdles to overcome, and we ensure that our team remains diverse through a fair employment process.

Our biannual review process is always used as an opportunity to encourage healthy working and living throughout our teams. We encourage flexible working arrangements and have a number of members of our team that work remotely in order to improve a healthy work and life balance.


We have sustainable depots and offices made up of locally employed people. We work paperless where possible and have invested substantially in our work management system REPS, which we estimate has saved over 20 tonnes of paper since its introduction.

We use the most up to date ULEZ-compliant vehicles, traffic lights and equipment. We source local suppliers to reduce the environmental impact on our deliveries and use the most up to technology and highest skilled logistical planners to ensure our journeys throughout the UK are kept to the shortest and least impactful routes.


We start by sourcing quality products from approved suppliers in compliance with the ISO9001 certification that we have held since January 2008.

Our team are trained in quality too. Working diligently to the robust systems and processes we have built our successful business on, our team are trained comprehensively from induction on how and why we work to such exacting standards.

Through education and repeatedly reinforcing our beliefs and working practices throughout the business in a variety of forms and on a regular basis our team are clear in what good service looks like. Our compliance team undertake regular audits of sites, working practices, depots and office locations. Our directors regularly undertake director tours, audits and further qualifications to set new industry standards for best practice.

For all quality-related KPIs our compliance team often achieve scores of 99 & 100% with our operational delivery working at in excess of 98% compliant standards. Wherever non-conformances occur we use this as an opportunity for improvement and review, in great detail, what element of that process can be strengthened to ensure improvement for future.