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Velo Birmingham

Road Traffic Solutions were contracted to provide a bespoke Traffic Management solution for Velo Birmingham & Midlands, a 100 mile, closed road cycling event for over 15,000 participants.

ProjectStarting and finishing in Birmingham city centre and meandering through the West Midlands to Coventry and back, our client requested the team to design, plan and deliver all of the necessary traffic management to provide a safe route for participants and a safe route of passage for the travelling public.

Not only was there a 100 mile route, there was also a 42 mile event that would finish in Coventry city centre, and 3 additional contingency routes, planned in case anything happened on the course and cyclists would need to be diverted for safety.

Solution – The team had around 20 meetings with the client and all of the highway authorities involved with the event, to ensure that all requirements were met. RTS also conducted several route recces, 2 for pre-planning and then 2 with each of the sector managers to ensure that key personnel were heavily briefed and familiarised with the areas and teams that they would be responsible for on the event day.

Around 1000 CAD technical drawings were produced to detail all of the traffic management, ranging from standard road closures to high speed lane closures, and also detailed all of the stewarding positions that were identified. On the day 118 staff were deployed across the event including operatives, supervisors, sector managers and 2 event managers.

Feedback – “Working closely with Active Sport and the 7 Local Authorities the event passes through, Road Traffic Solutions provided all our traffic management requirements from initial route planning and consultation, through to the development of detailed traffic management drawings and finally the implementation and management of the Traffic Management programme on the event day.

The level of knowledge and experience provided by Road Traffic Solutions throughout was exceptional and I would highly recommend them to any organisers looking to deliver a road closure programme for their events. I look forward to continuing our relationship and building on an incredibly successful 2019 event in 2020.”

Matt HodgsonHead of Cycling, Active Sport & Event Director, Velo Birmingham & Midlands

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