Our SHEQ manager, John Brady, leads our compliance team, ensuring that we work to the highest of Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality standards.

Safety is always our main priority and our commitment to this is demonstrated through our ISO 45001:2018 award, and OHSAS 18001 previously, which we have held for over a decade, and we have a proud track record of scoring over 98% in all external audits over those years. In addition to this, we hold the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 awards which further proves our commitment to safety, health, quality and the environment. These frameworks, hand in hand, are the basis for everything that we do.

This is why all new staff members undergo our comprehensive induction and training process from day one. This includes all relevant safe working practices, policies and procedures that each employee, in all roles and departments, may encounter during their working day. This is then followed by an introduction to our internal training and development programme, “Road To Success”. Our Road To Success programme has been extensively developed for all aspects of our business over the years and has been designed to ensure that all employees receive all of the relevant training that they require to succeed and flourish in their roles with us, and so that they adhere to and uphold our values and commitments.


Our safety procedures come bespoke as standard. This process starts from the pre-planning phase of all of our works to ensure that what we do is safe for our employees, our clients and the general public who may come into contact with our activities.

Everything starts with our Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS). These are used to decide the most suitable form of temporary traffic management that each situation requires to ensure a safe working space for all and this starts the development of the planning and design process.

Our comprehensive RAMS include full, site specific risk assessments and method statements, details of the nearest hospital with accident and emergency facilities, and all project specific information and plans so that our operatives are equipped to do their tasks as safely as possible. Our operatives complete their RAMS checks on arrival to site and record any additional measures that may be required, such as for inclement weather, on our REPS system prior to starting any tasks on site, whether it is for installation, removal or routine site maintenance.

To ensure full evidence of our work we provide comprehensive photographic records. It is important that everyone stays safe while they work and pictures paint a thousand words! The extra time we invest in reviewing, developing and continuously improving our RAMS is evidenced in our outstanding safety record.

Safety is regularly enforced and discussion encouraged. We hold regular safety forums, engaging colleagues across every level of the business, including our directors and operatives, to ensure that we get a broad and diverse view of all of our operations and also to promote inclusion which, in turn, encourages our employees to invest into our health & safety ethos.

Additionally, we conduct site audits on both a scheduled and unscheduled basis. The results of our audits are communicated in clear, easily understood language and highlight both good working practices and compliance, as well as areas for improvement.

We aim to consistently improve safety, and awareness of safety, throughout the team. Any and all information that comes from our forums, audits and industry are then shared across the business through Toolbox Talks and Safety Alerts.


Alongside safety, the health of our employees is just as important. We have a strong emphasis on encouraging a healthy work life balance and promoting good physical and mental wellbeing.

We hold a monthly wellbeing committee to facilitate open team discussions about thoughts, feelings and suggestions to improve how we, as a company, can help and further enhance our social values to our employees. Recently, we rolled out a healthcare plan for our employees that rewards them for getting active and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone feels part of the family and part of moving the business in the right direction. We assist this process wherever we can, specifically wherever there are any hurdles to overcome. Our objective is to ensure that our team remains diverse through a transparent, fair, employment process.

Our regular employee reviews are an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to a healthy work/life balance. Within this, we encourage flexible working arrangements, including some colleagues working remotely, in order to ensure a healthy work and life balance.


Our commitment to ISO 14001:2015 emphasises how strongly we feel about the environment and our impact on it. From using renewable energy’s at our offices and depots, to investing in and utilising technologies to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, we really are going the extra mile for our planet!

Since making substantial investments in our work management system REPS , we now work in a paperless environment, wherever practical, and we estimate that this has saved over 40 tonnes of paper since its introduction in 2016!

We use the most up to date vehicles for our operations that are ULEZ-compliant as a minimum and we are trialling electric vehicles too for our everyday operations. We also use technologies to assist with our route planning to ensure the most fuel efficient routes are used and we have invested heavily in our vehicle tracking systems to record and monitor all driving data.

Our local, vetted supply chain is designed to reduce the environmental impact on our supplies and deliveries. We operate with small/medium-sized local partners who offer us fair and competitive, yet sustainably priced, supplies and services.

We continuously record and measure our carbon footprint and are committed to our ongoing improvements to providing a greener service throughout.


Providing a high quality service is what we do best! However, this doesn’t happen by chance. Our years of expertise have developed our processes to ensure that every aspect of our business follows the high standards that we set out and expect.

We start by the sourcing of quality products from our fully approved local suppliers, all in compliance with our ISO 9001:2018 certification.

Working diligently to the standards set by our own robust systems and processes, we apply quality KPIs at every step. It is these measurements that ensure the quality which provides our platform for success. Our quality process begins at induction and is regularly revisited in order to maintain our exacting standards.

We embed our beliefs and working practices through education, with regular reinforcement right across the business. We also recognise that everyone processes information in different ways. That’s why we ensure widespread engagement through the use of verbal, graphic and visual channels. All communication is designed to clearly demonstrate what good service looks like. To underpin this, our compliance team undertakes regular audits of working practices across our sites, depots and offices. We also have our directors regularly undertaking tours, audits and further qualifications, all designed to set new industry standards for best practice.

For all quality-related KPIs, our compliance team often achieve scores of 99 & 100%. Our operational delivery works in excess of 98% compliant standards. Wherever non-conformance occurs, we use this as an opportunity for review and improvement. Our review process includes root cause analysis to identify where we can revise and improve our processes.

Our in-house LANTRA & NRSWA accredited training centre provides our employees with all of the knowledge, support and expertise to ensure that our teams are equipped to deliver quality traffic management for any scenario.