Cones, signs and barriers

Cones, signs and barriers

With over 20,000 cones, 16,000 signs and 14 types of barrier, we have kit for any and all eventualities.

We’re well stocked across all of our locations. All signs and cones are chapter 8 approved.

Our cone stocks are made up of 1000mm, 750mm, and no waiting cones. All with rubber, durable bases our cones are substantial enough to hold minor impact but light enough to easily lift, stack and install.

We install barriers at some of the highest profile traffic management and event management sites across the country on a regular basis.


Metal plate signs

Our signs are chapter 8 approved and come in a variety of different forms and sizes. We cover all sign materials including zintec, plastic and correx as well as aluminium street furniture. We also have a large number of our signs already in frames and other plate available for quick fit and baby quick fit frames. The variety we offer means we will always have the right type, shape and size of sign to make your life easier and your site much tidier.

For any cone & sign requirements you may have, please contact us.

Speed limit signs

Speed limiting signs are something we are becoming increasingly asked to supply or hire on a long term basis. A fantastic idea aimed at reducing the speed at which vehicles travel through temporary and semi permeant work areas speed limit signs are proven to reduce the risk of accidents occurring in their set locations.

Traffic travelling too quickly through sites is, unfortunately an all too familiar occurrence. Installing speed limit signs is a great idea to increase the safety of your sites.

Pedestrian and vehicle barriers

Barriers form the protective distance between your site and the public.

Our most popular barrier products are pedestrian barriers, crowd control barriers, mass barriers and water-filled barriers.

Pedestrian barrier

Road Traffic Solutions use a blow-molded pedestrian barrier suitable for use in areas where Chapter 8 compliant barriers are a requirement.

Certainly one of our more popular barrier options, and readily available across our depot network.

Crowd control barrier

Our metal crowd control barriers, also known as either pedestrian barriers or crowd control barricades, guide foot traffic and aid in keeping them safe. We can help find the perfect crowd control solution regardless of size of need.

Mass barrier

Mass Barrier, or Multi-Application Safety System barriers are crash tested. Versatile and portable, we can provide a range of colours and can be fitted with a top-fence system to help protect your site and/or workforce in the road.

Water filled barrier

Water filled barriers are thick plastic barriers used for crowd and traffic control.

For any barrier requirements you may have, please contact us.

Heras fencing

Predominantly offering the hire of Heras fencing, which is ordinarily used in conjunction with our other services for sites that require a higher level of security. Crane and other lifting solutions often utilise our services for Heras fencing hire. Our comprehensive stock allows us to fence off lengthily sites for long duration, which allows the lifting machinery to be left unguarded often over night without the fear of it being accessed by others.

Our fencing comes with the necessary foot posts and clips to maintain its security. Fencing is often used to secure temporary traffic lights in areas which are more likely to be vandalised.