Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies

As a Leading Light in Traffic Management and Site Safety, Road Traffic Solutions ensure they are at the forefront of new traffic technologies.

Whether working in partnership with innovative suppliers, or looking to develop our own solutions through our Innovation Committee, we ensure the most up-to-date technology and solutions are deployed for you.

Details of all products below are available now, come back regularly to see new releases and updates.

New for 2020:

  • AutoGreen Traffic Lights
  • Scorpion II Crash Cushion

AutoGreen traffic lights

AutoGreen® is an advanced form of radar based Vehicle Actuation (VA) for Hollco portable traffic signals.

For a standard 2-phase system on a 50m length of roadworks AutoGreen® can improve traffic flow in cars per hour by up to 24% compared to traditional VA based systems based on ‘Pink Book’ recommendations. This can reduce driver frustration and remove the need for Manual Control on those sites where traffic density is suitable for AutoGreen® control.

Some of the functional differences to be seen by the user of a system running AutoGreen®:

  • Complete weather invariability
  • No false alarms owing to driving rain
  • Correct operation under or near high tension power lines
  • Closing of a Green phase faster after the last vehicle has passed
  • Closing of a Green phase much faster if only a few cars have made a phase call
  • When a queue begins to lengthen on one end the max Green time will be extended to help clear the queue
  • The max Green time will continue to be increased (up to a pre-set max) should the queue not be readily cleared
  • The Green phases will dynamically adjust allowing for ‘tidal flow’ conditions at different parts of the day.
  • Near elimination of Green extension ‘gap out’ inefficiencies

Scorpion II TL-3 (110 kph, UK TD 49/07) Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion II TMA is MASH Eligible, TL-3 and has successfully passed the UK TD 49/07 (110 kph) test. The Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) is a mobile crash cushion attached to the rear of a support vehicle’s frame. The TMA may be used on moving shadow trucks, stationary block vehicles, or advanced warning vehicles directly behind a moving or stationary operation.

The Scorpion II TMA consists
of three main components: Strut, Cartridge, and backup/diaphragm frames. The Strut and Cartridge are the energy attenuation components. The Strut is positioned nearest to the support vehicle and the Cartridge is positioned furthest away from the support vehicle. The Cartridge is typically the first component impacted by an errant vehicle.

The Scorpion II features include;

  • Over 2,000 documented hits and thousands of lives saved around the world. Scorpion’s Patented design has over seventeen years of proven life saving performance on highways around the globe.
  • The FIRST Truck Mounted Attenuator Eligible for MASH, TL-3 62.5 mph (100 kph). FHWA MASH Eligibility Letter, CC-132, dated June 15, 2017.
  • Successfully tested and passed UK TD 49/07 (1,500 kg, 110 kph) test.
  • Full Width Impact Protection – Safely protects and redirects the impacting vehicle away from the “coffin corner” area at the rear of the truck.
  • Curved Aluminum Tube Frame – Exceptionally strong, providing protection against nuisance impacts with re-directional capacity along the entire length of the TMA.
  • Energy Absorbing Cushions – Aluminum honeycomb core, enclosed by aluminum powder coated modules providing maximum durability and longevity.
  • Modular Design – When impacted, the Scorpion II crushes in progressive stages, which results in lower repair costs and easy parts replacement.
  • Shortest Overall Length, only 4m in use position when compared to other competitors units that are over 5.8 m long when fully deployed- minimizes incidental impacts which reduces repair costs.
  • Open Cartridge Design – reduced wind resistance increases fuel efficiency in storage and transport mode, even when traveling at highway speeds.