A premium service, requested by our clients.

We started offering marshalling services at the request of clients in 2019.

Having secured our status as the leading experts in traffic management for major sporting events throughout the UK; we found our logistical and organisation skills were perfectly suited to marshalling and stewarding of these events. We’ve since started offering event marshalling as a premium service and this has exceeded our expectations. We have successfully deployed marshalling services throughout a huge number of events, and our marshalling services are fast becoming one of our most popular services.

2019 - London Pride

Our flagship marshalling event. The first ‘big one’ in our marshalling portfolio and in true RTS style, we went from zero to 300 marshals in one event. The event itself was oversubscribed on the day by approximately 50%, with over 1.5 million people lining the streets of London to celebrate Pride. In spite of the challenges that such a mass of people causes — radios going down, tube stations grid locked, and crossing points out of use — our exceptional team excelled under pressure. We managed to not only service the event but do it better than any supplier has done before; cutting down the on route traffic, reducing incidents by over 50%, having the roads closed by more than 2 hours less than any previous Pride event, and not failing a single emergency services probe all day. With true RTS grit, the team really pulled together to make it happen and jumped from never undertaking marshalling before to doing so better than any on such a prestigious event have done before. Our client and those working alongside us in event control were overwhelmed by what we had managed to do.

Carnivals and festivals

Following the success of Pride, our marshalling services were quickly sought after for a number of other prestigious carnivals and events throughout the remainder of 2019. Another 10 events were booked in and, as always, undertaken successfully and to a greater level than those before. Our completely transparent charging process went down a treat with our clients and the support staff we added to the team to assist on the events couldn’t wait to come back. Working transparently, fairly and honestly with our team and our clients propelled us throughout the remainder of 2019 with many booking already for the 2020 events season.

Firework displays & Christmas markets

Our ever growing portfolio isn’t just made up of the larger events throughout the year. We have also taken care of a number of smaller events including firework displays, Christmas markets and antique fairs. A lesser number in terms of requirement, but just the same in terms of expectation from the client. We’re proud to say that all these events went particularly well and have booked again for next year!