Road Traffic Solutions can apply for, and obtain, all of the necessary highway permits and permissions for your site.

Fully compliant work permits and permissions are required for every site. Some sites require more than others. Road Traffic Solutions can take that pressure away from you and ensure that all of the relevant permits and permissions are in place for your works to go ahead smoothly and successfully.

Our Planning Team possess a wealth of experience working with local and highway authorities throughout the UK, to ensure that all permits and permissions are applied for swiftly and successfully granted, prior to your required start date.

Council liaison

Most sites require council liaison in some way, shape or form. Fortunately, our planners have years of experience dealing with councils throughout the UK.

This allows them to quickly understand what level of liaison and permitting is required for your works. It may be a site visit with stakeholders or, much more simply, a courtesy call to the local authority representative to assist in the smooth sign off for the works.

Our planners will work with you to ensure the councils and local authority give their backing to the proposed works.

Council permissions

There’s nothing worse than getting to the planned start date of a job and finding that there are outstanding permitting issues. Our planners work tirelessly to ensure all permissions are granted as far out from the expected start date as possible.

It’s quite common that a number of permissions from different permitting teams will be required for a single job. Our planners work with each of the permitting teams to ensure that this is completed as quickly as possible, taking the headache away from our clients so that they can focus on the task in hand.

ETON notices

Our planners are absolute experts in the completion of EToN (Electronic Transfer of Notices) submissions.

They will advise when one needs to be completed for your works and can easily undertake this job on your behalf. It is a key responsibility that needs to be completed accurately in order to avoid fines and penalties being levied on the contractors.