Reliable, Efficient, Professional Service


Reliable, Efficient, Professional Service. It's what we deliver!

Reliable, Efficient, Professional Service was our goal when we were developing our bespoke business support system as we set out to innovate and change the way that we work, and in 2016 REPS was born!

In pursuing this goal, we were the first in Traffic Management to implement a paperless back office system, and we were among the first in the country to ask our operatives to work on PDA’s which further enhanced our objectives of reducing our carbon footprint.

We achieved this by linking our bespoke browser based, back-office system, then CIOS, to a third-party application. Since those early days we have invested consistently to further develop our REPS system iteration and continue our innovation and endeavours to delivering service excellence.

The aim of the project

When we implemented our REPS software, we propelled our company to be an industry innovating leader. Through this position, we have inevitably shared our work and ideas with others. As other systems have been developed, we have continued innovating in ours to ensure we are always ahead of the rest. We recognise that we can only keep improving by continuing to enhance our technology.

Choosing to invest, and create, our own bespoke system enabled us to tailor functionality to our specific needs. In doing this we were able to link directly to our customers, improve our business processes and create efficiency. This provides us with a significant competitive advantage as well as a platform to maintain that advantage. It is how we keep improving our customer journey and offering total transparency in everything we do.

With an initial investment of over £250,000 and two years of planning and development, our REPS system went live 8 years ago in 2016. We saw instant rewards in our efficiencies and effectiveness. Additionally, we achieved all our initial goals with our own IP and total control of our own data. We also have the ability and continue to create further efficiencies and greater effectiveness, all with the objective of delivering continually improving services.

The benefit of REPS to you

REPS links every area of our business to our customers. Quick and easy to set up, our customer portal gives you complete access to your works. Simply ask your RTS account manager and you will have access to;

  • Complete customer transparency at every job stage, from quote through scheduling, in progress, installed/removed, completed, invoiced and archived. Each status is colour coded for ease of recognition and use. Additionally you receive live updates through the portal, and all associated paperwork including drawings and RAMS are available for download.
  • Ensuring that our team has the full range of qualities and qualifications for your project.
  • Site specific, PDA amendable RAMS.
  • Our team has a visual representation of the stock quantities required for each job. This protects against leaving our depot without the required kit. Similarly, it helps ensure that we never leave site without either collecting all the kit back again or reporting it damaged or missing. This has significantly reduced our risk of Section 74 fines.
  • Our back office team are able to remotely log-in and view a site in real time. This enables us to offer support for our operatives and customers alike.

How REPS helps us

In delivering our objectives of improving our efficiencies and process, REPS has also returned a number of value drivers for our business;

  • Each service line is pre-defined with costs, minimum stock requirements and TMO qualifications, which allows faster and more accurate quoting. This ensures us absolute compliance from a scheduling perspective.
  • Drawing and surveying log allows the sharing of information, work flows and scheduling across all elements of our business. We also hold a significant inventory of up-to-date, accurate, drawings which we can draw from if and when needed. This has the benefit of improving turnaround times.
  • Council permissions all held within our application forms, inclusive of current price and lead time, which further improves speed and accuracy of quoting.
  • User security credentials are used to streamline each users view, showing only the elements they need for their role.
  • Team scheduling is now possible, including automated rotas and itineraries. This can break down by depot enabling our managers to administer their workforce and workflow effectively and, do it remotely.
  • Full training matrix’s for every team member with expiration dates and time sensitive renewal reminders.
  • The ability to generate and approve time sheets quickly, accurately and remotely.
  • Stock planning, forecasting and history. Each and every item tracked through the jobs they have been on. This also allows for full fleet and asset maintenance scheduling.
  • Complete action log linked to customer, supplier, asset or job management.
  • Automated invoicing and job by job cost calculation. This reduces the administration of invoicing and allows us to see financial detail over any duration. This allows the board to make accurate and quick decisions within the business.
  • The system can be used remotely. This allowed us to move seamlessly to home working during the coronavirus concern in 2020.

The impact of Reliable, Efficient, Professional Service

Since launching REPS into our business, we have improved our business efficiency and, by extension, productivity which enables us to focus on continuing to deliver best in class customer service.

Our internal and external compliance scores have reached scores of 99% or above. This allows us to maintain our high levels of  safety, accreditation and award.

We’ve noted an environmental impact too. Passing information electronically instead of on paper have saved us around 40 tonnes of paper! Now add to that saving ink, time, disposal, equipment maintenance and servicing costs and we’re talking real value for money.

REPS is award winning, industry leading and impresses all those that utilise, understand and admire its capabilities.