Survey and design

Survey and design

At Road Traffic Solutions we offer surveying and design as independent services.

Road Traffic Solutions offer surveying and design as an integrated or independent service. With our highly trained and experienced site surveyors situated in key geographical locations we are able to react quickly and effectively to our clients’ requests for site surveying. Our survey and design teams work on over 10,000 sites a year, designing complex sites and schemes for hundreds of miles in length. It’s important to our customers, even where we are not offering an integrated whole traffic management or event management solution, that we are able to offer surveying and design as a separate, independent service.
A significant number of clients use this service, as the accuracy of our survey and design allows often our clients’ internal operational teams to install fully compliant sites. We are pleased to offer this service and help to alleviate the burden from our clients who are often looking after far greater logistical and deployment solutions.


We recognise that it’s crucial to get things right first time, so our surveying service is often offered free of charge.

Our surveys can be undertaken on a desktop basis which improves the speed in which our designers can undertake their tasks and complete the works for our clients. Alternatively, we can attend our customers’ sites. This is often required when the site is particularly tricky, lengthy or in a politically sensitive area. Whilst our surveyors are quick to attend site and highly accurate, inevitably it is a slightly longer process than a desktop survey.

Desktop survey

Our office based surveyors review the site through the use of Google Earth. This, combined with an often exceptional knowledge of the local area, allows the design team to then assess the least traffic intrusive solution for the site to operate compliantly and in line with the clients requirements.

Site survey

On site, our experienced and well trained surveyors are able to take exact measurements of the expected site and surrounding areas whilst considering any other contributing factors such as loading areas, diplomatic bays and buildings and access points of high importance. Often, if meeting stakeholders on site, our surveyors are also able to obtain information on what the local authorities’ preferences would be for the works. This assists later on in getting the plans passed for our clients.

Client survey

Finally, where our client has already gone to the extent of producing their own survey, our design team can often take this information and design direct from the clients survey. Whilst industry surveys differ somewhat from one to another, our design team’s experience across all sectors allows them to understand what the surveys mean and design accordingly.


We understand how important it is that this our quote is highly accurate and efficient in its delivery.

Using one of our surveying techniques, we assess our clients’ requirements and offer our expert advice on the traffic management service(s) required based on the information available. Typically, quotes can be completed and returned within a couple of hours.

Where more detailed requirements are in order, or a number of permissions are required, our team take a little longer to make sure the information being provided is highly accurate that it is the most efficient way of getting the job done. We understand how sensitive price is in today’s market and so it is important for us to keep our clients’ costs down where possible.

Our quotes are clear, understandable and straight forward. Produced on our bespoke REPS system, all quotes are e-mailed to our clients and can be viewed on our online portal.


We pride ourselves on producing quick, compliant and easy-to-read Traffic Management Plans that our customers can rely on.

We at Road Traffic Solutions supply over 10,000 Traffic Management and Event Management Plans to our customers each and every year. We take every precaution to ensure that plans are compliant, easy to understand and use clear and concise signage so nothing is lost in translation. Our team of designers are often dedicated to specific customers. This helps them gain knowledge of how each customer plans their works, and culminates in the building of strong and trusting relationships.

Our CAD drawers work closely with our Head of Compliance, ensuring any updates to the standards are communicated and deployed in a standardised way. We invest significantly in our drawing team and constantly review our performance against the standards, guaranteeing quality every time.

Our team produce scale and non-scale plans all of which are easy to follow and drawn to the relevant NRSWA Chapter 8 standards using the latest AutoCAD, BRICSCAD and Cone 10 software.

Swept path analysis

Overlayed onto the site plans, a Swept Path analysis shows clearly the larger vehicles on site making their journey through often tight turns.

It accounts for the vehicles’ sizes and shapes to ensure roads and passageways are suitable BEFORE the vehicles reach site. This is extremely useful for cranes and articulated vehicles.

We are able to produce swept path analysis plans swiftly and have done so for some of the largest construction projects in the UK.