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Digital signs

Road Traffic Solutions offer a variety of digital signs, including Variable Message Sign (VMS) units, across the full range of sizes and in both full and single colour.

Whether its full technicolour or a straight forward, single colour message, Road Traffic Solutions offer a complete range of types and sizes in Variable Message Sign (VMS) units. With our strategically placed depots, and comprehensive range of partners, we have got the UK covered and can deploy rapidly throughout the country.

We have serviced some of the UK’s major projects and schemes including the likes of; Westfield Shopping Centre, HS2, Farringdon Crossrail, East West Rail, and UCI Cycling World Championships Glasgow 2023, we are experienced in the deployment of VMS units in a variety of different situations, all over the country.

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

Our VMS units are solar powered but can also be wired in to a mains supply if necessary. VMS units are a great way to keep traffic up to speed on the latest site and scheme deployments, as well as any that may be up and coming. Messages can be pre-set and changed quickly from a remote location and the VMS can be accessible 24 hours a day.

Our VMS units have been used on a variety of projects including long-term construction sites and events.

For any VMS requirements you may have, please contact us.


Speed limit signs

Speed limiting signs are something we are becoming increasingly asked to supply or hire on a long term basis. A fantastic idea aimed at reducing the speed at which vehicles travel through temporary and semi-permanent work areas, speed limit signs are proven to improve safety by reducing the risk of accidents occurring in their set locations.

Traffic travelling too quickly through sites is, unfortunately, an all too familiar occurrence. Installing speed limit signs is a great idea to increase the safety of your sites.