Event management

Event management

100% dedication and years of experience is what it takes to become an industry-leading event management planner at Road Traffic Solutions

The bar we set is extremely high, both internally and in terms of the service we provide for our customers. Our expertise in the event management field has developed significantly over the last 8 years, and we now trusted partners of some of the most significant and prestigious events within the UK.

Recognised for their past and present contributions within a huge number of local authorities within the UK, our event planners leave no stone unturned when planning your event. Giving consideration to footfall, traffic impact and, of course, safety; our planners ensure success throughout the planning stage as well as on the day.

We are proud to partner with elite organisations such as:

Route planning

Frequently, this is already proposed by the client. Our team of events planners use their vast experience to offer educated recommendations to ensure the route is safe for all of the participants, spectators and those involved in staging the event.

Our expertise is often required to assist in the continuation of traffic flow wherever possible as well as to adhere to any requirements the local authorities may have. On larger events it can often be multiple authorities involved and so the route planning element really is key to success. Our team also regularly route plan on behalf of the clients as we have done more recently with some of the 60 mile plus routes.

Design and review

It is important, once the provisional route has been outlined and agreed, for the design team to produce the plans. This can often be consist of thousands of plans, but our design team work tirelessly to ensure all everything is completed to a high standard well before the planners attend site. Our planners then drive the route and amend the plans adding in the minor details.

Stakeholder engagement

A vital part of any mass participation road closure event is to maximise stakeholder engagement. Our team play a key part in this, and their experience can offer reassurance to the most seasoned events managers within our broad customer base. Our planners regularly attend meetings throughout the planning process to ensure that engagement is maximised for each particular event. This is often delivered to a broad spectrum of stakeholders; including the local authority, emergency services, and local community-based representatives.


Months of planning come together seamlessly over the course of the event itself. For the smaller scale events, equipment is deployed, maintained and removed over the course of the day.

For many of our bigger events, full pre-drop and collection teams are scheduled and it is not uncommon given the size and stature of the events we undertake that the equipment is pre-dropped a number of weeks beforehand. This assists in a more efficient and timely deployment of the closures on the day. We work to minimise road closure time which in turn minimises impact on traffic, improves engagement and maximises the success of the event.

Control room management

Our senior planners take charge of the control room to ensure the implementation and removal is completed to the highest of standards. Often the ‘go to’ people, our planners have to keep track on all roads including those off route and often make minute by minute decisions at the say so of local authorities to react to issues outside of the event control that occur on the day. Most have already been anticipated. Our team always has a plan! We often take responsibility for the stewarding and barriers too.