Prevent & Detect

CCTV delivers proactive prevention and detection technology that adds value, saves time and ensures comprehensive security for assets, tools, sites and people.

With power options including mains, battery and solar we have the capability to provide security to any work site regardless of location.

CCTV provides a full range of options that include motion activation, voice alerts and warnings, cloud access, lights, zoom and much, much more.

Whether you are simply looking to keep an eye on the business, provide an active deterrent to thieves and vandals or looking for access to evidence in the event of legal proceedings our range of CCTV services have got you covered.  What’s even better is that increasing numbers of insurance companies are taking CCTV into consideration when setting premiums, so you can realise a significant saving.

RTS provides CCTV protection for valuable tools, equipment, goods and facilities with reasonable installation, maintenance and data protection compliance.

It doesn’t cost the earth to protect your world.


ANPR Solutions

The RTS Temporary ANPR solution was designed specifically to analyse driver behaviour, discouraging road users from speeding & tailgating.


Originally deployed on one of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects, the system played a pivotal role in reducing poor driver behaviour, monitoring HGV movements and assisting community liaison teams with both real-time and historical data.


The system is self-powered. Data is accessed remotely via a bespoke portal.

CCTV Solutions

RTS Temporary CCTV solutions have been designed to deliver value across a wide range of applications.


Traditionally developed to operate within the security sector, temporary CCTV towers now fulfil a much broader remit. We specialise in systems designed to operate within the infrastructure & construction sector.


The RTS CCTV Tower is self-powered, and comes with multiple camera solutions, analytics for traffic monitoring & voiceover capabilities.


The RTS CCTV LITE system is a rapid deploy CCTV solution designed to work in conjunction with the existing traffic management.


Over recent years, RTS traffic management customers have seen a significant increase in incidents relating to breaches of the traffic management conditions. These breaches pose a significant risk to the workforce, other road users & members of the public. This system gives the customer the opportunity to view live images of the site / traffic conditions, it also acts a deterrent to those wishing to breach the TM.


The system is self-powered. Live 7 historical data can be accessed remotely via a bespoke portal.

QuickView CCTV

RTS QuickView tower is based on the OCULi system, consisting of a series of standalone wireless PIR detector with built-in camera. It provides rapid visual verification of captured events using the 3G mobile network. Units and sites can be self-monitored and controlled via the unique OCULi web portal and mobile phone app.


Rapidly deployable to areas with no power. Visual verification over the 3G cellular network in seconds

View events and set-up units via the mobile app and web portal. Integrates with popular monitoring platforms. Programmable arming schedule. 15m x 90° PIR detection pattern. Long battery life.