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Plant and Equipment

From diggers to dumpers, rollers to telehandlers whatever you're looking for, whatever you need, Total Solutions have got you covered.

Plant & Equipment is a staple of the contracting business. You can almost guarantee that every job will bring a fresh set of requirements. We are in a fast moving market with new equipment constantly being introduced. Total Solutions is a great way of ensuring that you always have access to the latest and most capable equipment. With Total Solutions you can be sure that you have a partner able to bring you the latest kit. What’s more we’ll take it away when the job is finished and always be on call if there is an issue. We have listed just a few headlines of what we have to offer below. to get the full story, simply call us, it couldn’t be easier.

Material handling and moving:

It’s a fact of life that most of our customer sites are either going up in the air or digging down into the ground. Whether it is up or down, you will always be in the right place with us. Our extensive range of plant will help you get your job done right first time. We source your machinery, and perfectly coordinate delivery with your Traffic Management set-up. It is an integration that will save standing time, waiting time, unnecessary labour charges and all at the best prices.

Access and MEWPs:

We deliver, whatever size or style of MEWP you require. Working with a select range of high quality partners we ensure that our clients always work safely, whatever the height. All equipment includes fully supported surveying, delivery and IPAF certified lifting solutions. Our MEWPs are regularly delivered alongside the installation, and removal, of traffic management to ensure your entire project is coordinated. Additionally, we provide MEWPS across the complete range of jobs. Whether it’s a smaller one-off job – installing Christmas lights at a house; or working with a nationally recognised customer who wants a speedy solution across multiple sites. Whatever the job, our answer is a simple straight-forward solution without the hassle of multiple suppliers. Our MEWP bolt-on service is always well received, and our customers come back to us time and again.

Lifting and Trackway:

Total Solutions offers a wide range of lifting solutions to cover all your lifting needs. Our turnkey solution recognises your needs and meets them. To do this we work with some of the UK’s largest lifting companies to offer cost effective solutions. By offering integrated lifting solutions and traffic management we are able to design, plan, permit, install and remove in shorter time scales. Save yourself a big organisational headache, choose Total Solutions.


If you want a range of excavators and mini diggers for various size jobs, then look no further.
Our micro excavators are ideal for tight and compact spaces. Moving up the scale
we have Mini excavators that are ideal for any small excavating task. When you get to the heavy lifting then we have midi and heavy excavators. They go right up to 25T, and are perfect for handling the bigger jobs.
No matter the project, we have a wide choice of diggers to meet your needs. If you require something more bespoke, all you have to do is ask. We have one of the fullest ranges of diggers available on the market.
Midi, mini or just a small digger or excavation machine, we’ll get them to you.
And it’s not just the diggers, we can also source attachments as required. There’s no job too big or too small with our one-stop proposition.


Whatever your load moving requirement we have the dumper for you. Our pedestrian mini dumpers are ideal where access is restricted. But if you are moving loads over uneven, or sensitive ground, then our tracked dumpers are particularly well suited. Our larger dumpers can carry up to 10 tonnes. They also offer the added flexibility of high tip, straight tip and swivel skip options.

  • 1 tonne high tip dumpers
  • 3 tonne dumpers
  • 6 tonne dumper
  • 9 tonne dumpers
  • 10 tonne dumpers
  • Hydrema 912


When you need a smooth job then our roller range will always deliver a level playing field. You have a wide choice of machines. From the 550mm Petrol Vibrating Roller, through our 800mm twin-drum units, right up to the massive 20 tonne self-propelled rollers. We can tackle almost any surface.

Our 550mm petrol vibrating rollers are high quality pieces of compaction equipment. They are ideal for use when laying concrete slabs, paths, completing roadworks and more.

The 800mm roller does what it says on the tin with an 800mm wide drum. Diesel powered and with twin vibrating drums, it is an awesome piece of kit. Designed for asphalt compaction on car-parks, foot/cycle paths and follow-up road works, these are perfect where quality surfaces are required.
All our ride-on rollers come with safety equipment as standard. Equipped with flashing beacons, Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), water tank and gravity fed sprinkler systems, they are safety personified. We design them so that you can roll with full assurance. Plus every machine is supplied with full servicing and maintenance history for health and safety purposes.

Telehandlers and forks

If you are lifting, moving and positioning heavy loads then we have the kit. Our range of forklifts and compact telehandlers are great in smaller areas, where versatility is key. And if you are looking for a bit more oomph then our popular mid-range models are ideal for house building. Right at the top of the tree our larger 14 and 17.5 metre telehandlers are perfectly suited to more demanding site applications. Safe and secure they feature a multi-stage boom and heavy-duty stabilisers with chassis levelling.
We can also source and supply the complete range of attachments:

  • Extension forks
  • Buckets and shovels
  • Tipping skips
  • Hydraulic brushes

Scissor Lifts

Our broad range of scissor lift hire options will take you up in the world. Going up from low level, lightweight, compact machines right up to large platform lifts with a one tonne Safe Working Level (SWL).

Our available range of electric and diesel scissor lifts cover working heights from 7.8m to a lofty 34m. We will always find something suitable for a wide variety of outdoor terrain applications.

We also have scissor lifts, which are used in applications where a straight vertical lift is required. With electric and diesel powered models our scissor lifts are available with a wide range of functionality and broad variety of features.

The sheer scale of our scissor lifts means that we can ensure satisfaction, regardless of the job. We are confident that you will find a suitable scissor lift to do your job here.

Cherry Pickers

We have got so many Cherry pickers. Wheeled and truck mounted; boom lifts; powered access booms – whatever term you use, we’ve got it to hire for you.

With nationwide availability we have the ideal solution for your job. Additionally, we can provide articulated booms if you need to reach a tricky spot. And if it is powered maneuverability or the extra reach of a telescopic boom, then look no further.

Reaching anywhere between 10.0 – 58.56m our range of straight and articulating booms will always hit that stretch target. Plus they are ideal for external work where height and outreach is important. Especially if you need to gain access around and over obstacles. All our models are available in a huge variety of sizes and features.

We also ensure you can be confident that your cherry picker comes fully prepared. Before any job they are all thoroughly tested and checked to ensure it is fully operational.

Scaffold Towers

Scaffold towers, also commonly referred to as access towers or tower scaffolds, are a useful alternative to ladders. That is especially true when there is work to be done at height. Our scaffold towers are ideal for all your non-powered access requirements. Particularly applicable are maintenance, decorating or general building works;

  • All scaffold towers include large work platforms to accommodate a worker, their tools and materials.
  • Scaffold Towers offer a much safer work environment than precariously attempting to balancing on a ladder.
  • As a self-standing structure, our scaffold towers are self-supporting and secure. This eliminates any risk of slipping.