Stewarding - Road Traffic Solutions


Stewarding sits at the heart of event management, with the objective of ensuring safe, secure events that are memorable for all the right reasons

At Total Event Solutions we have got stewarding at our core. Whether smaller community activities or larger mass participation events, we have got it covered for you. Our stewarding team are seasoned and experienced with client engagement as its top priority. A lot of stewarding is about good sense and we train our experienced team to provide sensible, honest and deliverable advice. We also work closely with our clients and their teams doing everything necessary in order to ensure a great event. Whether we are pre-planning the logistics or managing the actual event, we’re here to help. Additionally, we recognise that smooth communication is a prerequisite. That’s why we provide comprehensive communication training, in order to ensure that we liaise clearly, concisely and directly with you, your team and all key stakeholders. Then after the event our report incorporates feedback from our event team as well as the control staff to ensure you are given comprehensive overview.

An event invariably requires stewards who possess a combination of experience and formal training. All our Total Event Solutions stewards possess a wealth of event experience and are trained in both crowd, and traffic, management. In addition, our stewarding teams are fully experienced in the implementation, and support, of traffic management plans that include closure points. Our capability ensures that event areas are kept secure and safe. We also supply trained traffic banksmen and escorts, perfect for pre/post & in-event vehicle movements. Our stewarding capabilities also include wayfinding, crossing point management, crowd control, customer services and general assistance to the public and/or guests. These are the building blocks of smooth event delivery and safe gatherings are built upon. It is what we deliver as standard.

CSAS accreditation

We are justifiably proud of our CSAS accreditation. The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) is an award that we worked at long and hard to achieve. And with a cadre of accredited and trained personnel available, we can guarantee this aspect of delivery. Our CSAS accreditation is a very clear demonstration of our steward’s experience and capacity. It also demonstrates that our highly trained operatives possess a unique skill set that adds a bespoke element to any event. Additionally, it is a combination that affords a broad range of designated powers to qualified operatives. These powers include the ability to legally stop and redirect event traffic, with or without a traffic management plan in place. This capability can enhance any event, particularly one that involves significant road closures or traffic flows. We are seeing increasing requirements from Councils and Police Authorities for CSAS accreditation.
To find out more about these powers and our specific skill set just call one of our experienced team