Technology - Road Traffic Solutions


Total Events Solutions uses technology to deliver well planned, well executed and well remembered events. We do everything to ensure treasured memories are created and enjoyed by everyone involved.

Planning and implementation sits at the heart of any great event. We apply a combination of technology and experience to facilitate a brilliant planning experience. Our seasoned planning and logistics teams bring their combined 35 years of knowledge to the table with decisive, meticulous plans. Combine that experience with a diverse range of backgrounds there isn’t any event that we can’t confidently provide planning and logistics for. Our planning processes include analysis of the audience demographic, crowd dynamics and pedestrian flows. Added into the logistical elements – detailed maps, deployment plans or just advice – you get a complete event solution. Our vastly experienced and trained planning team are an essential part of your delivery. Plus you get our unique user-friendly approach at no extra cost.
Our planning approach includes profiling the anticipated audience and dynamic to inform our planning approach. Supplemented with CCTV, Communications and Control Systems we ensure a safe, secure event.


Well executed events are invariably well planned events. At Total Event Solutions we invest time and energy in meticulously planning events to deliver great experiences and memories.