Event management

Event Traffic Management

100% dedication and years of experience is what it takes to deliver industry-leading event management planner at Road Traffic Solutions

We set the bar high, both internally and externally, in terms of the service we provide for our customers. Our expertise in the event management field has developed significantly over the last 8 years. We now trusted partners of some of the UK’s most significant and prestigious events.

Recognised for our contributions across a significant number of local authorities up and down the UK, our event planners leave no stone unturned when planning your event. We plan to ensure to success at every step of the way, from event planning right through to deliver. All giving due consideration to footfall, traffic impact and, of course, safety.

We are proud to partner with elite organisations such as:

Route planning

We recognise that routes are frequently, already set by the client. However, we use our experience to offer educated recommendations to ensure the route is safe. And by safe we mean for participants, spectators and event organisers.

On top of that our expertise allows us to ensure traffic flow, wherever possible, and adherence to local authorities requirements. With larger events we can work with multiple authorities to ensure the route planning element really is key to success.

Where its needed we will route plan for you, we recently planned a series of routes that were in excess of 60 miles each.

Design and review

Once we have agreed the provisional route our design team produces the plans. Regardless of whether it is a single plan or thousands of them we apply the same high standard. First we draw the plan, then we attend site to drive it. Then having got a hands-on feel for the route we make any necessary amends. All to design the best possible plan for your route.

Stakeholder engagement

A vital part of any mass participation road closure event is the maximisation of stakeholder engagement. Our team plays a key role in this, and their experience offers reassurance to the most seasoned events manager. Part of our planning process is a regular project meeting, face-to-face or virtual, where the plan is talked through. Participants can include a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including local authority representatives, emergency services, and local community representatives.


Although planning can take months or just a week or to, it all comes together seamlessly at the event itself. For single day events, we deploy our equipment on the day and remove it at the end. On larger events then full pre-drop and collection teams are scheduled. It is not uncommon, given the size and stature of the events we undertake, for the equipment to be pre-dropped as early as a few weeks beforehand. An early drop will ensure more efficient and timely deployment of the closures on the day. We work hard to minimise road closure times. In turn this minimises impact on traffic, improves engagement and maximises the success of the event.

Control room management

At the end our senior planners take charge of the control room to ensure the event is a success. This means that implementation and removal is completed to the highest of standards. The control room is our ‘go to’ people. Monitoring all roads, including off route ones, our control room will make live decisions, in liaison with local authorities. This enables reaction to any external issues outside of those we have already anticipated, as they happen.
Our team always has a plan!
We can also take responsibility for stewarding and barriers to provide the complete event solution.