Event traffic management

Event Traffic Management

100% dedication and enthusiasm, unparalleled experience and cutting edge innovation is what it takes to deliver industry-leading event traffic management to the highest of standards.

We know what it takes to be the best contractors in event traffic management and our expertise in this field has developed exponentially over the last decade. Our friendly and helpful team employ the multiple years of experience and diligence that they hold in the consultancy, pre-planning and design phases that ensures our clients, and all stakeholders, feel at ease. Not only that, our execution in the delivery of our services is second to none!

Our team of event planners leave no stone unturned when planning your event. Whether its a local village fete, a 100 mile road closed mass participation sport event, large scale music festival or televised elite sporting tournament, (or even a historic royal ceremony), we know that each event is unique and requires a bespoke plan that will only be successful if each detail is planned meticulously. 

As is the ethos of Road Traffic Solutions, safety is always at the forefront of what we do. From providing sterile road race courses to creating safe crowded spaces, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Our team all posses the relevant training, experience and competency to provide and execute a plan that accommodates your event and keeps traffic and people moving around it.

Recognised for our contributions across the events industry and a significant number of local authorities up and down the UK, we plan to ensure success at every step of the way, from consultancy through to a smooth delivery, all with a friendly smile!

We are proud to partner with elite organisations, such as;

Pre-Planning & Stakeholder Engagement

Right from the get go, our team will liaise with our clients and stakeholders to plan and design the required traffic management that provides a safe space for the event and minimises traffic disruption for the travelling public, local residents and businesses.

We regularly liaise with multiple stakeholders, including local and highway authorities, the local and national bus and train networks and the emergency services, so that a robust plan is in place for any, and all, situations.

Our early and proactive engagement with all parties has cemented our reputation with local authorities across the whole of the UK as a professional and caring company that manages all aspects of each event to minimise disruption and reduce the number of potential complaints for both our clients and the relevant authorities.


Working with the dedicated event planner(s) for each event, our in-house CAD design team use the latest CAD software to prepare the traffic management plans.

Using the highest quality Ordnance Survey tile, these are precise, very clear and easy to understand. For many of our clients, our plans also detail stewarding locations and barrier positions so that teams on the ground are working from one clear set of plans rather than trying to juggle multiple!

Our plans detail every piece of traffic management equipment that is required by Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and TSRGD 2016 to ensure full compliance with UK legislation.

Internal planning and management

A vital part of any event is our team understanding the event and their roles on the day. Dependant on the size of the event and the number of operatives required, we will engage with our on-the-ground managers and supervisors from an early stage.

This allows us to share and thoroughly test our plans prior to the event day and may include visiting the site. This gives our key people the familiarisation and confidence to deliver our plan no matter how complex the situation.

From here, we will develop our risk assessments and method statements to fully assess and manage the safety of our teams and the event traffic management.


Whether planning has been months or weeks in the making, it is imperative that the event traffic management plan is delivered to a very high standard on the day.

It is not uncommon, given the size and stature of some of the events that we undertake, for the equipment to be pre-dropped as early as a week beforehand. An early drop will ensure more efficient and timely deployment of the traffic management on the day.

We understand the importance of traffic management being installed and removed as quickly as possible. Ensuring that we have the right number of people in the right places at the right times, with the correct organisational structure, is key to a smooth delivery on the day.

Control room management

Very often, our event planners take charge of the traffic management from the event control room to ensure the event is a success. This means that implementation and removal is completed to the highest of standards.

The control room is our ‘go to’ people. Monitoring all roads, including those outside of the event footprint, our control room team will make live decisions in liaison with our clients and the relevant authorities. This enables reaction to any external issues outside of those we have already anticipated, as they happen. Our team always has a plan!

We can also take responsibility for stewarding and barriers to provide the complete event solution.