Planned traffic management

Planned works

We are experts in the organisation and deployment of traffic management. In 2023, we installed over 5,500 different planned works sites across the UK!

We offer the complete end-to-end service for planned traffic management across the broad range of industries that require it. We work with some of the biggest names in the installation and maintenance of gas, electric, water, telecoms, lifting and construction. We’re proud to be seen by many as their go-to people.

Starting with consultancy, surveying and design, highway authority liaison including obtaining the relevant highway permissions, right through to project delivery, we plan and implement a safe and compliant site each and every time.

Our dedicated planning, drawing and operational teams will support you every step of the way. From one day maintenance programmes to major infrastructure projects that span multiple years, we build and deliver a precise traffic management plan to ensure that your works are a success, and tailored for your requirements.

We’re proud to partner with elite organisations, such as;

Surveying the site

Whether working independently or alongside our customers, our expert surveyors are always efficient. Drawing on years of experience across an array of industries, our surveyors always take the time to thoroughly understand the needs of each customer and project, ensuring that any temporary traffic management optimises safety for both the workforce and all road users.

Our surveyors are highly trained, experienced, skilled and competent in multiple disciplines of traffic management, from low speed urban works through to high speed motorways and dual carriageways, providing you with all of the confidence you need that we will get it right, first time every time.


With capacity to produce more than 350 traffic management plans a week, our market leading design team take information in multiple forms from all areas of our business as well as direct from our customers.

We always ensure site compliance with local and highways authorities by adhering closely to Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, TSRGD 2016 and industry best practices, whilst ensuring that the impact upon all road and footpath users are considered and accommodated.

Our designers use the latest versions of CAD software to enable a first-class finish to their design. A well presented, easy to understand, meticulous plan ensures efficiency in passing through the planning stages for all stakeholders as well as speeding up the traffic management deployment during installation.


Our experienced team of planners coordinate multiple service lines seamlessly behind the scenes, taking away the pain from our clients. Linking the survey, design plan, customer and council requirements together, our planners use our bespoke REPS software to pull all information into one simple format. This is deployed to our operatives electronically via our Operations Controllers.

A key role of our planners is to ensure that we understand what elements we are expected to undertake and what our clients wish to undertake themselves. Where the expectation is that we undertake the council liaison process, our planners ensure all necessary permissions are applied for, obtained and permits granted prior to the works taking place. With strict lead times to adhere to and the variation in almost all authorities, this can be extremely challenging and we’re happy to take care of it on our customers’ behalf.

Our experienced team of planners are on hand to ensure a seamless service is achieved every time.


Once all aspects have been agreed with all of the relevant stakeholders, our highly trained and motivated team of Operations Controllers, accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, ensure that all projects are delivered on time and of the highest standard.

Each individual is extensively trained in all aspects of Traffic Management. After planning the most effective and environmentally efficient way of undertaking all jobs for the current and future days, they schedule tasks to our operatives through our REPS system, which sends all the information required to our operative’s electronic devices, reducing paperwork and our carbon footprint.

Our operational team have exceptional geographical knowledge of all major cities within the UK and are able to advise on the most efficient route. This is all considered to ensure that all of our traffic management solutions are delivered on time, every time.

Evidence and invoice

Once on site, our team of fully qualified Traffic Management Operatives install, maintain and remove the site in line with the agreed design and timescales. Each member of the team is specifically coached in problem solving. This, coupled with a can-do attitude, results in a ‘Right First Time’ culture throughout the team.

Before, during and after the installation, our operatives take high quality, time stamped photographs showing a true representation of the site. These pictures are instantly sent back into the customer portal on REPS along with the feedback given from the client on site. This can be viewed instantly by our team internally and our customers externally by using the RTS online portal. Once the job is complete, the invoice is automatically generated and it, too, appears in the portal.