The Road Traffic Solutions Training & Compliance team boast over 75 years of experience working in traffic management. We're proud to share that experience and knowledge throughout the industry.

Training and competency is a key requirement for delivering safe and effective traffic management. Our training & compliance team boast over 75 years of traffic management industry. The team are also highly experienced in IQA, EQA, assessor and classroom training delivery, including traffic management courses and assessment.

Road Traffic Solutions have supplied traffic and event management for many years, and we’re proud to share our accumulated experience and expertise with other organisations through our range of traffic management courses. We have our own registered Training Centre with both SQA and Lantra Awards to deliver New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) and National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) courses, respectively.

We specialise in classroom and field-based traffic management training. Our instructors and assessors pride themselves on the quality of their training and learning in our traffic management courses. Our team consists of highly qualified Instructors and Assessors covering Streetworks, NHSS 12AB & NHSS 12D. Each instructor has real-world industry experience with hard-won Traffic Management Operative and Supervisor experience informing their approach to training.

Meet the training team

John Brady is our Centre Manager and also the Compliance Manager (SHEQ) for RTS. He is an Instructor, Assessor, and also an IQA for the centre – ensuring the quality of our delivery and services remains to the highest standard.

Lee Wilkinson – Lee started off with RTS as an Operative, working his way up the ranks all the way to 12AB Foreman. He has since transferred to the office and now is part of our Events Team, organising and running some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious events. He is also an Instructor and Assessor and enjoys delivering traffic management courses and assessments in between his event planning.

Tony Swaine – Tony also started off as an Operative and rose through the ranks to gain his 12AB Foreman Qualification. He is now our lead auditor for the company and he travels around the UK visiting various sites to sample the quality of the work that our operatives are doing, again ensuring that we deliver to a high standard. He is a very experienced Assessor and is enjoying expanding his knowledge as a newly qualified Instructor.

Nigel Gibbons – Nigel is the Lead IQA for the centre, he is also a 12AB Foreman and splits his time between working as a well-respected Traffic Management Operative/Supervisor and conducting IQA activity within our training centre and the rest of the business. Nigel’s activities help to ensure that Training Centre Staff are keeping their skills up-to-date, that training and assessment is consistent and ultimately that we are delivering a quality service.

Courses we run

We specialise in traffic management courses through both Lantra & SQA and can provide training at our Head Office (Scunthorpe), at our new Classroom facility in Chalfont, or in-house at a location of your choosing. The qualifications we deliver are listed below and we can carry out both the classroom training and live assessments for all of them:

SQA – Streetworks Qualifications

  • Unit 002 Signing, Lighting & Guarding: Initial (at RTS Head Office only) & Reassessment (at any location)
  • Unit 010 Monitoring Signing, Lighting & Guarding: Initial (at RTS Head Office only) and Reassessment (at any location)
  • Units 101-109, 111 – 116: Reassessment Only (at any location)

Lantra – NHSS Qualifications

  • 12D M1/M2 (Static works on single carriageways)
  • 12D M3 (Static Works on Low Speed Dual Carriageways)
  • 12D M4 (Convoy Working)
  • 12D M5 (Multi-phase Traffic Signals)
  • 12D M6 (Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative – RLTMO)
  • 12D M7 (Course for Managers and Client Officers)
  • 12AB General Operative
  • Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course (TTMBC)
  • Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV)

Lantra – Other Qualifications

  • Traffic Management for Community Events (TMCE)

Our success

We deliver training and assessments to anyone involved (or planning on getting involved) in the traffic management industry, boasting a pass rate of 99% over the past 3 years.

As a training centre; our aim is to ensure that our learners leave our training feeling confident in their knowledge and ability, but also feel confident to carry out their duties safely.

Much of our training for businesses is to benefit people that work in the Traffic Management Industry but don’t necessarily install any traffic management, e.g. Street Works Inspectors, Project Planners, Managers and Supervisors.

Some of our customers include;

  • Westminster City Council;
  • London Marathon Events;
  • Morrison Utility Services;
  • Humber Bridge Board;
  • Tyne Tunnels Board;
  • British Telecom.