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Traffic Management Solutions

Construction and Civils. Telecoms and Utilities. Filming and Events. Large and small, we do it all! Creating safe spaces for works and people is what we do.

Traffic Management is absolutely fundamental to delivering safe and secure work spaces. Whether it’s on the major trunk road network on high-speed motorways and dual carriageways or on the UK’s network of local roads, Traffic Management is the glue that holds maintenance and safety together.

Road Traffic Solutions is a leading light in UK traffic management. As such, we are proud to work with the businesses that keep Britain moving, connected, well-lit and warm.

Our solutions span across many different industries. Whether they are months in the planning, emergency works that are needed at two hours notice or even an event that needs to create a safe space for hundreds or thousands of people whilst traffic still flows.

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traffic management

Planned works

Crane companies, multi utilities and telecoms are just some of the industries we work with. Years of dealing with councils throughout the UK allow us to quickly assess what is needed, where and when.

Traffic management solutions

Emergency works

01724 848 246 – Available now. Servicing gas, water & electric works across the UK in an emergency. We will be there. Quickly. This number is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. Call RTS – 01724 848 246.

event traffic management

Event Traffic Management

From local charity walks through to 100 mile+ internationally celebrated road closure events our event planners are widely regarded by the top sporting events as the best in the business. Get in touch to plan your event.