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Traffic lights and pedestrian signals

Using the latest technology in traffic lights, Road Traffic Solutions operate a fleet of over 400 temporary traffic lights and pedestrian signals.

Utilising the latest traffic light technology, Road Traffic Solutions operate a fleet of over 400 temporary traffic and pedestrian lights. We lease, deliver and install a whole range of traffic and pedestrian light solutions.

We work with two major traffic light suppliers to offer rapid deployment of all required traffic light and pedestrian crossing systems. Whether its in conjunction with our own installation or operating independently, we deliver the latest pedestrian light technologies including PT5 and UTC controllers. All our lights can be quickly delivered and installed to any location in the UK.

Our service

With a temporary traffic light fleet of over 400 traffic signals, you’ll be sure that we have them in stock and ready to go whenever you need them. We deliver them to site using our fleet of 3.5t tail-lift equipped vehicles, fully compliant to Chapter 8 with lots of extra safety features.

We support our long-term hires with regular unit changes on site, once per week, so that not only do you get fresh batteries, but it enables us to regularly service each set and ensure they are reliable for you, every single time you hire.

Our traffic lights

Here at Road Traffic Solutions, our temporary traffic lights have been specifically chosen to suit all site conditions and your needs. All of our traffic lights are fully compliant to British Standards and are type approved by the Department for Transport. We use a combination of Hollco RadioConnect and Pike Evolution Signals.

These fantastic units work in slightly different ways but are equally as reliable and efficient. They are also lightweight so they help to reduce our carbon footprint whilst transporting them!

Hollco radioconnect and innovation

Hollco Signals operate on a “datum point system” which allows traffic movements to be more efficient as its internal system knows that when traffic has past a particular set point within the works, it is safe to allow another phase to move to green, reducing traffic waiting times.

The latest additions to our fleet are Hollco RadioConnect2 signals, which incorporate AutoGreen technology, the most advanced green signal timing optimisation on the market! For road users, this means shorter queues and less frustrating journeys.

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Pike evolution & pedestrian crossings

Pike Signals work on a “longest journey system” which allows for greater timing accuracy when sites can be quite tricky, such as on hills and with tight bends. All of our Pike Evolution Signals run on the most-up-to date control panels.

We can offer you up to 9 traffic phases, with up to 18 signal heads, and 8 pedestrian crossing facilities. That’s 34 signals all within one set! These signals utilise the latest battery saving technology, low energy LED’s and next generation vehicle detectors.

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