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Impact Protection Vehicles (IPVs)

Safety and security for operatives and motorists.

IPV’s are fitted with Lorry Mounted Crash Cushions (LMCC’s) which are designed to provide an additional crumple zone at the rear of the vehicle it is mounted in. Used in conjunction with light arrow boards, beacons and a large directional arrow, the combination warns drivers approaching from behind of a work vehicle in a live traffic lane and directs them into a safe lane to pass.

Our latest Impact Protection Vehicle to be added to our fleet carries the moniker ‘Florence Nightingale’, in honour of all NHS staff who got us through the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic. If you spot her on the roads – send in your pictures and let us know!

‘Florence’ comes with the latest in Crash Cushion technology, the Scorpion II cushion, and we are proud to say she is only the fourth vehicle in the whole country to have such an advanced cushion installed. You can head over to our Innovative Technologies page to read about the Scorpion II in more detail.

Impact Protections Vehicle's (IPV's).

Paramount on todays roads in the safety of your and our workforces, and that of the general public. Working with our supply partners, all our Lorry Mounted Crash Cushions (LMCCs) are designed to protect the workforce in the event of a vehicle impact.

All our IPVs are all fitted with;

  • Directional Arrow Boards
  • All TM and DOE markings covered
  • Cushions passing the UK TD 49/07 (110 kph) test
  • Reverse alarms
  • Reverse cameras
  • Work lights
  • Warning alarms
  • LED lighting
  • Side scan and vehicle- turning- left warning systems.